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InteliShield™ Barrier Film brochure
Read the InteliShield™ Barrier Film brochure

InteliShield™ Barrier Film


Patient friendly, intelligent technology.

Ostomy patients can face significant quality of life challenges every day. InteliShield™ Barrier Film for ostomy applications offers them a new level of confidence and comfort. Each layer of the film is designed to fulfill a critical purpose—while the oxygen barrier helps control odor, other layers provide enhanced strength and secure bonding. In addition to being as quiet, soft and discreet as current products, the film provides another important benefit: it’s PVC, PVdC and plasticizer free.


InteliShield PVC, PVdC & Plasticizer Free

PVC, PVdC & Plasticizer Free

InteliShield™ Barrier Film is made from novel materials that can be less damaging to the environment than traditional films and can offer more cost-effective disposal of intermediate scrap. The absence of plasticizers can also help reduce the risk of health complications caused by DEHP, the main plasticizer for PVC, which is known to leach into ground water and can have a negative impact on human health.

InteliShield Active & Passive Odor Blocking

Active & Passive Odor Blocking

InteliShield™ Barrier Film features an oxygen barrier layer that blocks small molecules combined with an organic chemical in the layer’s structure that can trap larger molecules. This technology enables control over odor and gas build-up that is comparable to traditional films.

InteliShield Strong, Quiet & Easily Sealed

Strong, Quiet & Easily Sealed



InteliShield™ Barrier Film is designed to resist ripping or tearing and ostomy bags made using the film have passed the industry standard burst test (ISO/DIN 86760-2).

Quiet & Flexible

Traditional ostomy films are soft, flexible and quiet through the use of plasticizers, such as DEHP. InteliShield Barrier Film uses a unique combination of plastics that produce these properties without plasticizers. The film has demonstrated softness, flexibility and quietness comparable to existing films.

Easily Sealed

InteliShield Barrier Film can be sealed using common techniques including heat, heat impulse and RF welding. This gives manufacturers the ability to choose the technique that is best for the final product.