Antimicrobial Adhesives

BeneHold™ CHG Antimicrobial Adhesive Technology

BeneHold™ CHG

Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) is a widely recognized and accepted antimicrobial agent used in various products, including coated central venous catheters, skin antiseptics and IV site dressings.

BeneHold™ CHG adhesive technology by Vancive Medical Technologies™ delivers the functionality of this antimicrobial agent in a thin, acrylic adhesive layer. This novel adhesive technology has 3 patents pending. The adhesive is currently designed to address needs associated with applications that require longer time wear with sustained antimicrobial efficacy (up to 7 days), but can be modified to address multiple applications each with their unique set of performance requirements. 

BeneHold CHG adhesive technology is currently featured in ChloraShield® IV Dressing with CHG Antimicrobial, marketed by BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE: BDX).

Mechanism of Action

The dressing offers 2 important functionalities: 

The adhesive has absorptive properties which allows the wicking away of fluids. The dressing can absorb blood, perspiration and exudates. As the moisture vapor transmission rate of the dressing is higher than the absorption rate at any point in time, the adhesive layer remains transparent and comfortably secured on site for up to seven days. Laboratory tests demonstrated that BeneHold CHG has a high fluid handling capacity, comparable to that of a 0.6mm thick commercial hydrocolloid.  BeneHold CHG looks like a typical transparent film dressing, but has the added capability of fluid absorption. 

In vitro testing (kill time and log reduction) has demonstrated that the dressing has an antimicrobial effect against a variety of gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria and yeast. CHG molecules are positively charged. In accordance with the principle that opposite charges attract, CHG strongly binds to negatively charged bacterial cell walls. This damages the bacterial surface structure leading to an osmostic imbalance with consequent precipitation of cytoplasm causing cell death. 

The antimicrobial performance of BeneHold CHG was tested via a series of in vitro tests. A minimum of 4-log reduction was obtained against a variety of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and a 4-log reduction against yeast for a period of seven days via an in vitro test.