Frequently Asked Questions

About Vancive™ Product Finder

1.    What is the Vancive™ Product Finder?

The Product Finder is a free, simple and convenient way to get information on products from Vancive Medical Technologies. In addition to finding information about the products, access to datasheets is provided (for download and viewing).

Through the Product Finder, the user can get important details about the product, typical applications, and technical information about the product.

The Product Finder also provides advanced search functionality – Search is enabled using keywords, product code (if one is already known) as well as through four separate paths –Segment, Construction, Material and Property.

2.    What options are available to access the Product Finder?

Vancive™ Product Finder is available as an App via Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).
A desktop version is also available via Vancive’s website at:


User Authentication

3.    Is user registration required to access the Product Finder?

Yes, a one-time user authentication is required to access the Product Finder (App or desktop version).  A valid email (along with first and last name of the person registering) is required. For the app, an authentication code will be sent to the valid email provided. After initial login with the authentication code (which will serve as the initial password), the user will have an option to change their password of their choice (see #4).

4.    How to change a password?

Passwords can be changed (only enabled after initial authentication) via the “Change Password” functionality. On the bottom right of the app screen, look for a gear wheel icon which will enable a password to be changed. Password is case sensitive and does not have character limitation.

5.    What user information is collected as part of the user authentication process?

Only a valid email, first and last name are collected as part of the authentication process. No other information is collected.

6.    Does the browser and App require separate authentication?

No – a single login credential should be able to access the App and browser versions. The user, however, has the option of using two different credentials should they chose to do so.


OS Compatibility and Updates

7.    What versions of OS are recommended for the iOS and Android?

For optimal performance of the App, we recommend that all OS directed updates are installed on the device first prior to installing the Product Finder app.

8.    Does the App work on phones (iPhone/Android) and tablets (iPad)?

Yes, the app will work on both types of devices. However, tablets such as iPad are strongly recommended for optimal viewing experience.

Note: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above is recommended for optimum functionality. Due to the nature of Android OS (which is open source), each device manufacturer implements it differently on their product.  Some versions of Android impose limitations on file transfer size during sync which may compromise app functionality. App functionality on Custom ROMs/dev versions of Android are not supported.

9.    What happens during initial sync upon app installation?

Upon initial installation, an automatic sync happens – this ensures that the most updated information is downloaded from our servers. Please note that the initial sync may take several minutes due to the size of the app (strong wifi/cell signal is recommended).

Subsequent updates to the app will work the following way:

On demand sync: This can be performed using the sync button on the main screen (the circular icon with the two arrows below the Vancive logo bar). This refreshes the app with the latest information. Most updates that the app will receive are minor in nature (for example – product additions, revised information, etc.) and can be refreshed immediately.

For more significant changes to the app (typically, design or other structural changes to the functionality of the app), a new version of the app will be released, and a notification will appear on the phone/device in the notification center as an app store update. Please note that this behavior may be different depending on the local user-defined settings on the device (for example: the user may have set the phone to block all notifications, or allow notifications for specific apps, etc.).

It is recommended that the on-demand sync be performed as a routine practice, especially when the app has not been accessed for prolonged periods of time.

10. Is the download of the App restricted in some markets?

No, the App is available for download in several geographic markets. Please send an inquiry to if there are difficulties downloading the app in your region.


Product Finder Functionality

11.  Is internet access/wifi required for the App to work?

For full functionality, including ability to download datasheets, internet access (via wifi or cell connectivity) is required. In offline mode, only select functionality will be available –for example: product image and brief product description.  Download of datasheets will not be possible without internet access.

12.  Where can datasheets be accessed once they have been downloaded?

In iOS compatible devices (iPhones, iPad), the documents can be accessed in iBooks.

In Android devices, the documents can be accessed via the “Downloads” folder.

In the desktop version, the documents will depend on the default browser and file settings set by the user on their computers.

13.  How does the “Compare” function work?

Within a product filter, if there are multiple choices, up to two products can be compared side-by-side for a quick view of the features. From the quick view, detailed view can be accessed for each product of interest.

Presently, the compare feature is limited to choices within a product filter, and is not available across product categories (for example: a comparison between surgical drape tapes between PET and PE products is not possible; but only choices within PET or PE categories individually).

14. Is print functionality available via the app?

No, print functionality is not available directly via the app. However, if you have print software enabled on your device, you may be able to print the downloaded sheets from your device (a compatible printer must be available).  Datasheets (rendered as PDFs) can be printed from the browser version through normal print set up on your laptop/desktop.

15. In the product finder, why does the “Contact Us” form appear instead of a product option under certain product categories?

In some cases, product information is being revised as part of the product management life cycle, and updated product information will be made available as soon as it is ready.  Please contact one of our Strategic Account Directors and we will be happy to help you further on the product of interest.


We would love to hear from you on the Vancive Product Finder and ways to improve it. Please contact us at or reach out to one of our Strategic Account Directors today!