Amorphous Hydrogel

Private Label Amorphous Hydrogel

Sterile Amorphous Hydrogel Wound Dressing

Hydrogel is a colourless, transparent viscose gel containing a modified starch polymer, glycerol, preservatives and water.

Excellent, controlled moisture delivery coupled with unique handling characteristics contribute to its superior performance. When placed in contact with a wound, this hydrogel stabilizes the wound creating a moist wound environment, without causing tissue maceration.

Depending on wound healing conditions this hydrogel has the ability to donate moisture to dry necrotic tissue or absorb excess exudate as required, creating a moist wound healing environment.

Typical Applications:

  • Management of ulcers, pressure sores and other low exuding, sloughy or necrotic wounds
  • Debridement and removal of necrotic and devitalized material from low exuding wounds
  • Suitable for the treatment of first and second degree burns, and incontinence dermatitis


  • Maintains a Moist Wound Environment
  • Controlled Moisture Delivery
  • Superior Exudates Absorption
  • Crystal Clear, Aiding Wound Assessment
  • Stays in Place In Wound
  • Excellent Stability


Amorphous Hydrogel is available in tube form in a range of sizes and designs.

  • Tube 8 gram
  • Tube 15 gram