BeneHold  TASA Thin Absorbent Wond Dressing

BeneHold™ TIME Model

BeneHold™ TASA™ Wound Dressing gives tough wounds freedom to heal.

Management of exuding chronic and acute wounds can be time and labor intensive, but with BeneHold TASA it doesn’t have to be.

When used according to the TIME Model, the advanced properties of BeneHold TASA; transparency, high-fluid handling capacity, thinness and conformability provide an effective, atraumatic approach to the management of wounds. Nurses and caregivers appreciate the way these dressings support moist wound healing, while providing a clear, continuous view of the wound’s progress.

This simple and versatile dressing conforms to the body as a breathable second skin and is indicated for use on skin tears, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and burns. Exceptionally transparent, thinner than any other generation of absorbent skin adhesive, and surprisingly absorbent for its size, BeneHold® TASA® (Thin Absorbent Skin Adhesive®) provides an innovative window into the healing process. Fewer dressing changes can mean greater patient comfort, improved outcomes and increased efficiency for staff.

See healing in a whole new light—with BeneHold TASA from Vancive® Medical Technologies.