Skin Care Products

Private Label Skin Care Products

We are suppliers of a range of skin care products. They have been developed using unique formulas to provide long-lasting moisturising, as well as addressing a wide range of skin conditions.

Skin Protection

Our skin barriers are available as a white concentrated Barrier Cream as well as a fast drying Barrier Film. Either formula provides protection to skin from body fluids. It protects dry, chafed, red, or irritated skin by moisturising the skin and providing a long lasting barrier

Skin Moisturiser Products

Our moisturisers provide strong, long-term moisturising. The exclusive formula melts into your skin, trapping moisture and providing extended wear to give your skin the ultimate moisture treatment.


Skin Cleanser 

Skin Cleanser is a pH balanced cleanser indicated for incontinence and general cleansing needs. The lightly fragranced cleanser emulsifies dried urine and faecal matter for easy removal. It is designed to be gentle on raw or sensitive skin associated with incontinence, and can be used to clean stoma sites.

Incontinence Care Products

Our line of incontinence-care products uses exclusive formulas to penetrate skin layers and form a superior watertight barrier which can reduce and prevent discomfort in patients of all ages.

Peristomal Paste

Our Peristomal Paste is an effective paste to be used for Fistulas, Urostomies, Colostomies, and Ileostomies.

Adhesive Remover

Our Adhesive Remover is a non alcoholic, uniquely formulated solution used for the atraumatic and pain free removal of medical adhesives and residues.