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Single Coated

Single Coated

The adhesive is coated on one side of a carrier, which can be film, foam or nonwoven. A release liner coated on one side with silicone protects the adhesive.


  • Available in a number of carriers including films, foams and nonwovens.

  • Available with a number of adhesive types and coat-weights.

  • Used in many segments including electromedical, ostomy and wound care.

  • PU films are provided with and without added PE support (casting sheets).



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Double Coated

Double Coated

The adhesive is coated on both sides of a film carrier material. This construction is provided on a liner coated on both sides with silicone. Double linered, double coated constructions may be offered.


  • Offers improved internal strength.

  • Greater dimensional stability, easier converting.

  • Easily slit into narrow rolls.

  • Adds support to otherwise stretchy materials.



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Self Wound

The adhesive is coated on one side of a carrier. The other side of the carrier is generally coated with silicone to enable the tape to unwind easily. Self wound constructions are available with foam and nonwoven carriers.


  • Provides wraparound sealing.

  • Acts as closure system.

  • Self wound foam tapes are used in electromedical and ostomy applications.

  • Self wound nonwovens are used in electromedical and wound care applications.

  • Can provide moisture vapour barrier.



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Transfer Tape

Transfer Tape

A film of unsupported adhesive is coated directly onto a siliconised release liner. The release liner is coated with silicone on both sides to ensure that the tape unwinds easily and can be laminated to various substrates. Double linered transfer tape constructions may be offered.


  • Offers superior conformability.
  • Ideal for device mounting and foam bonding.
  • Acrylic transfer tapes are used in surgical applications.
  • Hydrocolloid transfer tapes are used in ostomy and wound care applications.




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NPWT Drape

Negative Pressure Drape


Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) is a therapeutic technique using a vacuum dressing to promote healing in acute or chronic wounds. For many years, Vancive Medical Technologies™ has been providing the market with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) drapes, and they have come to be known as the recognized standard of care.


Intuitive Application System

  • Drapes are designed so that they can be cut in any direction and still be easily applied using the system of handling bars and support film.


Helps Enable Optimal Seal

  • Drapes are highly conformable
  • Excellent adhesion performance


High Quality Material

  • Drapes are skin-friendly, breathable, waterproof and provide a bacterial barrier.
  • Drapes have a flat appearance and are transparent, with no gloss.



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Surgical Drape

Surgical Drape and Film


We are the largest supplier of adhesive-based surgical draping solutions. We have a broad range of products that meet all surgical applications, including a range of patented adhesive technologies.


Surgical Drape

  • Bordering, construction and fenestration, fixation
  • Compatible with various drape substrates
  • ETO and gamma compatible
  • Proprietary portfolio of high performing, gentle adhesives
  • Optional finger lift and/or backsplit for easy application and removal
  • Branding options available


Incise Film

  • PU, EMA and PE thin films with non-sensitizing acrylic adhesive
  • Transparent, non-glare
  • Conformable with easy application systems
  • Thin, strong, tear resistant yet easily cut with scalpel
  • Heavy duty liners with branding options available
  • ETO and gamma compatible
  • Roll goods / pouched drapes



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