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Download the brochure to learn more about BeneHold Bordered Hydrocolloid with Odor Control in clinical practice.

Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing with Odor Control

Odor Control Dressing

The BeneHold™ family of hydrocolloid wound dressings leverages Vancive’s unique and propriety next-generation adhesive formulations. Unlike traditional hydrocolloids, these materials remain highly integrated to cleanly remove from the wound bed and the periwound skin.

Unlike conventional hydrocolloids, the adhesive is inherently odorless. But in addition to that, a patented Vancive hydrocolloid adhesive formulation incorporates cyclodextrins shown to entrap and absorb offending odorant molecules.

BeneHold Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing with Odor Control was the subject of a ten patient clinical evaluation. Clinicians documented their impressions of the dressing throughout the evaluation period, which lasted a maximum of four weeks. 

Surprisingly Absorbent
Efficient Moisture Management

BeneHold’s advanced hydrocolloid technology offers maximum absorption, while remaining thin. When absorbing exudate, the adhesive layer remains intact and does not break down in the wound bed. 

Enhanced Comfort
Designed for Patient Comfort

A conformable, low-friction polyurethane film and low profile edges enable fewer dressing changes and extended wear time. 

Odor Control
Odor Control

Aside from being completely odorless, the bordered dressing features a patented hydrocolloid formulation that contains cyclodextrins shown to entrap and absorb offending odorant molecules. 

Facilitates Autolytic Debridement
Facilitates Autolytic Debridement

By providing a moist environment that can support the body’s natural process for reducing and softening eschar, BeneHold sets wounds on a path to healing.