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Custom Contract Manufacturing


Vancive Medical Technologies has over 30 years of contract manufacturing experience with certified ISO 13485 quality systems and clean rooms. We offer a wide range of contract manufacturing services including precision coating, rapid prototyping, and limited converting capabilities. Our precision equipment and controlled systems are ideally positioned to manufacture medical-grade adhesive coated materials that will adhere to stringent specifications for markets across the globe.


Coating Technologies:

  • Gravure, Roll, Extrusion (Die), Flexographic
  • Adhesive Systems: Hot Melt, Solvent, Emulsion, Radiation, Curable, UV Curable
  • Precision coat weight capability
  • Corona treatment
  • Capable of Class 7 clean room coating to clean room manufacturing
  • Liner and carrier printing



  • Clean room coating to clean room manufacturing
  • Rotary die cutting and slitting
  • Island placement
  • Corona treatment
  • Vision system
  • Packaging



  • Rapid prototyping
  • Materials selection and design support
  • ISO 13485 Quality Systems
  • Sampling
  • Customization